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Plant Profile for Paeonia ‘Julia Rose’ - Itoh Hybrid Peony.

Clean up the dead leaves in the fall to help prevent disease problems. Plants usually die to the ground, or to very low woody stems for the winter. Flowers on cut stems have a short life which makes them less suitable in arrangements. A better alternative for indoor display, cut about an inch below a bloom and float in a rose. Paeonia Julia Rose. Item1599 $ 74.40 per package. Limited availability. Contact customer service for assistance. Out of stock. Out of stock. Also known as intersectional hybrids hybrids between Tree- and herbaceous peonies. Large upright double very colourful flowers. Strong and floriferous varieties which can give up to 50 flowers per.

Julia Rose Itoh Peony bears huge blooms that produce an incredible kaleidoscopic display. Its single to semi-double flowers open cherry-red before fading to orange and, later, to yellow. Plants sometimes show all 3 colors simultaneously.

Common name: Itoh Peony Paeonia 'Julia Rose' is a Midseason Itoh Hybrid Peony, single to semi-double, flowers opening cherry red, then orange and at last yellow, good grower, attractive Peony plant for in the garden, Roger F. Anderson, USA. Paeonia Paeonia Variety or Cultivar 'Julia Rose' _ 'Julia Rose' is an upright, bushy, herbaceous perennial with dark green leaves divided into nine elliptic or lance-shaped leaflets and, from late spring into summer, strong, erect stems bearing large, lightly fragrant, double, pale apricot flowers, flushed reddish-purple to deep pink at the petal margins. May 08, 2013 · Peony Julia Rose - Midseason Itoh Hybrid, single to semi-double, flowers opening cherry red, then orange and as last yellow, good grower, attractive plant for in the garden, Anderson. - www. Home > Shop Plants > Intersectional Paeonia > Julia Rose. In stock. Julia Rose. Anderson $ 30.00. In stock. Julia Rose quantity. Add to cart. Julia Rose. Anderson. Flowers have a cream base color heavily overlaid in bright rose. Colors fade to amber, copper and yellow blends with pink highlights. Excellent foliage and plant habits. Farbe pfirsichrot bis gelb Blütengrösse 17 cm Blütenform einfach / halbgefüllt Blütenhaltung aufrecht Duft guter Duft Blütezeit spät.

Julia Rose opens cherry red, fades to apricot-yellow settling on a rich, creamy yellow as the bloom matures. Charming to watch the colors develop. An attractive mix of variously colored blooms on one plant! Vigorous and floriferous. 28" tall and 42" wide. La Pivoine Itoh Julia Rose fait partie d'une catégorie d'hybrides issus d'un croisement entre une pivoine arbustive et une pivoine herbacée, caractérisés par un développement important ainsi que par la production de fleurs semblables à celles des variétés arbustives, portées par des tiges très solides qui ne ploient pas sous le poids des fleurs.

Mar 10, 2010 · Picking the perfect peony is more than just finding a pretty shade although that doesn't hurt. Follow our guide to 20 of our favorite peony varieties to find out when they bloom, their size, and, of course, what they'll look like. And for how to care for peonies like a pro, click over to our peony guide. Pictured: 'Julia Rose' peony. Itoh Peony 'Julia Rose' is a magnificant Intersectional Peony with stunning single to semi-double blooms that change colour over time. Cherry red in bud form, they open to an orange/apricot colour with purple flushed edging. A delicious spicy sweet frangrance. Paeonies Peonies are the true garden Aristocrats

The Itoh Peony. Gardeners Resources. When only the very best will do! We are so excited about these amazing plants. They are herbaceous, so they die back to the ground every year, their foliage looks similar to a tree peony but the flowers, oh the flowers. 1X ITOH PEONY " Julia Rose " Rare Intersectional Paeonie Paeonia Peonie Rose 8" - $75.00. 1x Intersectional Itoh Peony"Julia Rose" Cross between Herbaceous and Tree peony Julia Rose: Large, double blossoms. Opens cherry red, fades to apricot-yellow settling on a rich, creamy yellow as the bloom matures. Charming to watch the colours develop.

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