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Loose stools are abnormally watery bowel movements that can have a range of different causes. They are very common and are not usually associated with any severe health risks. Apr 11, 2016 · The inflammation tends to result in loose stools and stomach cramps and provokes your body into expelling waste faster than normal. This prevents water from being properly reabsorbed by the colon and results in loose, diarrheic stools. If the condition is bacterial, a loose, foul smelling stool. Results: 70 causes of Loose stool AND Vomiting 1. Ampicillin -- Teratogenic Agent.2. Autoimmune thyroid disease associated Celiac Disease.3. Autonomic neuropathy.4. Balantidiasis.5. Brainerd.

Mar 14, 2018 · Following are some of the causes of loose stools that one needs to be careful about:-1. Food and Drinks – Coffee is known to stimulate intestinal muscles whereas spicy.2. Infections and Food Poisoning – Parasites, viruses or bacteria can cause food poisoning.3. Lactose Intolerance –. Causes of Loose Bowels 1. Diarrhea. Diarrhea may cause thin, loose stool, watery stool, bloating or cramps in the abdomen,.2. Irritable Bowel Syndrome IBS Triggering mechanisms cause hyperactivity.3. Pancreatic Insufficiency. This condition is caused when a pancreatic deficiency limits. Many cases of loose stool are the result of something you ate and will quickly return to normal. When it happens, it normally lasts two to three days. Some people get loose stool more often, due to dietary changes or as part of irritable bowel syndrome IBS or other conditions.

Viral gastroenteritis spreads from person to person through contact with an infected person’s stool or vomit. If you have viral gastroenteritis, viruses will be present in your stool and vomit. You may spread the virus in small bits of stool or vomit, especially if you don’t.
Intense coughing or vomiting can tear the esophagus and make it bleed, a condition called a Mallory-Weiss tear. Other symptoms you might get are. 2- The definition of diarrhea is frequent or loose bowel movements. In this regard, the term loose can range from very wet stools that do not hold as shape to liquid diarrhea. When a Pomeranian has healthy bowel movements, they will occur 2 to 3 times per day. The consistency should be firm yet pliable; best described as dough like. If stool becomes impacted lodged in the rectum, mucus and fluid will leak out around the stool, leading to fecal incontinence. Call your health care provider if you have mucus or fluid leakage from the rectum. Diarrhea is bowel movements that are loose and watery. Diarrhea is a. Some of the reasons for stomach aches that also cause stomach cramping and loose stool are:Diverticulitis.Food poisoning.Gastroenteritis.Traveler’s.

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